Generally sessions are in the convenience of your home.  If you prefer, coaching can take place at your public library or at Diane’s home-office in Bluemont, VA.

Ongoing follow-up work and college guidance can take place via Skype, phone, or email.
Since this is a personalized program, instruction is designed to fit individual students’ interests and needs.   Although some desk work is necessary, most of the work will be interactive with varied instructional strategies.  There will be role playing, games, use of technology, and movement.
Young people generally lead hectic lives, and it is essential that these sessions not cut into activities they enjoy.  That said, scheduling is difficult. The sessions are each ninety minutes.  Parents and students set the time and frequency to the greatest extend possible.
Billing is for direct coaching  time only.  Planning and travel times are not charged. The cost is $85.00 per hr.  Packages are available for: 5 hrs. for $400 ; 10 hrs. for $750.