Most students with disabilities have gaps in their preparedness for college living and academics.  Areas that require assistance may be related to academics, executive functioning, independent living, or social/emotional skills.  

  • In order to gain insights into what is getting in the way of their meeting their potential and develop a personalized coaching plan
  • Talk with students and parents to learn the reason for interest in RSGC 
  • Establish both student and parent concerns regarding readiness for college
  • Appraise students’ strengths and challenges academically and social/emotionally
  • Use questionnaires to probe student interests 
  • Test for learning style strengths 
  • Discuss student high school, college, and post-college goals 
  • Discuss parent high school, college, and post-college goals for their child
  • Review any supporting documentation - Psycho-educational reports; current and past IEPs; K-present school portfolio if available; present and former report cards; scored written assignments in any subject areas; math tests.  
  • Gather input from any teachers possible 
  • Determine coaching priorities
  • Set comprehensive goals and short term objectives for coaching

Intake consultation/evaluation image